Tool name: Exchangeable Zn-alloy inserts for 10P shielded modular plugs

Tool code: U7307

Applicable tool: K730 crimp hand tool frame

Country of origin: Croatia (EU)

Customs tariff number: 82079091 


  • Inserts are made of precise casted special Zinc alloy and are Ni-plated.
  • Toothed segment is made of high quality hardened stainless steel.

More details

  • Constant high quality of crimped contacts.
  • Long life tool.
  • Reliable meeting of all required end tolerances of crimped connections
  • Ensures 30.000,00 crimp cycles

TECHNICAL DATA                      


Length [mm]

Width [mm]

Height [mm]

Weight [g]







Manufacturer No. of contacts Plug code
Bel Stewart 10P/10C 937-SP-361010-031-A108
Bel Stewart 10P/10C 937-SP-361010-A10
Bel Stewart 10P/10C 937-SP-361010-A108
Bel Stewart 10P/10C 937-SP-361010-A161
Bel Stewart 10P/10C 937-SP-361010-A217
Bel Stewart 10P/10C 937-SP-361010-A233
Bel Stewart 10P/10C 940-SP-361010-031-A108
Bel Stewart 10P/10C 940-SP-361010-A108
Bel Stewart 10P/10C 940-SP-361010-A161
Bel Stewart 10P/10C 940-SP-361010-A217
Bel Stewart 10P/10C 940-SP-361010-A218
Multicomp  CAT5 Modular plug, 10POS, 1 PORT SPC19836
Lumberg Modular Connector, Plug, RJ48, 10 WAY P 303 S